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The Caroline Cardigan

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The perfect cardigan has arrived! Use it as an office staple for when the a/c is blasting, pair it with your Maven Women dresses in colder months, throw it in your carry on for travel, and more! You may find that this is truly the only cardigan you ever need.

Hidden pockets, fitted sleeves, and a glamorous drape in the front and back.

As comfy as a sweatshirt with a fleece-like liner and sophisticated outer fabric. Made from responsibly sourced Tencel and organic cotton with just the right amount of stretch.

Made in America in an ethical, eco-conscious factory through our partnership with Groceries Apparel.

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Size Chart

Please measure yourself with the tape measure taut but not tight.

How To Measure: 

Size Chart: Please measure yourself and closely review our size chart before purchasing. If you are between sizes we encourage you to order the larger size, and as our clothing is not bespoke you may need to make alterations to get that perfect fit.



32-34 24.5-26.5 35.5-37.5 38


34-36 26.5-28.5 37.5-39.5 38.375


36-38 28.5-30.5 39.5-41.5 38.75


38-40 30.5-32.5 41.5-43.5 39.25


40-42 32.5-34.5 43.5-45.5 40
* The length is measured from the high point of the shoulder to the hemline.

What if my size isn’t here?
We aim to fit all women; however, as an early stage company we aren’t able to make as broad a size range as we like. Please message us with your bust/waist/hip measurements if you would like us to make our clothing in another size. We’ll be matching the demand, so if enough women message us we’ll move it forward.
Why do we ask that you rank your color choices?
We will do our best to honor your first or second choice and liner preference, however, for our initial launch there are tricky minimum order quantities that come into play. The earlier you order the more likely we’ll be able to meet your preferences, assuming we have sufficient people seeking that color.
Great things take time to create.

Estimated Shipping Date: July 2017

We really wish this wasn’t the case, but it’s necessary to create a high quality, socially conscious product.

Launching a socially conscious collection from scratch is a time-intensive endeavor. It took us over a year of really, really hard work to finalize our designs, fit, and supply chain partners. Now it will take us at least six months to get our beautiful dresses created. Here’s why. Our fabric requires custom work and is made out of certified organic cotton, which is better for our planet and your health. Our outer fabric is a tightly woven twill weave, and our liner is a custom modern artisan print. We support fair labor by working with our factories and their schedules so they can provide consistent work to their employees.

Good things take time, and we ask your patience with the fact that we are creating something never done before. If you could be so kind as to spread the word to your friends and family it would be a huge help in moving forward something beautiful inside and out. We’ll keep you posted along the way, and we thank you for your patience and being an integral part of this journey!

Returns & Exchanges, Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering purchasing a Maven Women item during our presales! Your support makes it possible for us to move forward savvy, sustainable styles.

During our presales process each purchase is made in the spirit of crowdfunding, as an investment in moving forward an exciting item that is sold at a deep discount. We encourage you to follow through with a sale once it is made, however you have until midnight three business days after the sale to cancel this purchase online for a full refund. After this time we will be relying on your order to meet key minimum order requirements with our supply chain partners and a refund will not be possible.

We are unable to offer returns on clothing purchased during presales once it is received. For all items sold to recipients in the United States, after receipt of your purchase we are happy to offer you one complimentary exchange within 15 days; however, we request you pay the shipping. We’ll include return information with your shipment.  

We are pleased to offer international shipping, however, we are not able to offer returns or exchanges on items sold outside the United States at this time. If you are shipping your order outside of the continental United States, as a condition of sale, you acknowledge and agree that title to your order transfers to you after exportation from the United States and immediately prior to importation of such order to your location and assume all risk and responsibility for the import clearance, duties, and delivery to final destination. Any order being shipped to a destination outside of the United States may be subject to import duties and taxes that are levied and collected there. When placing an order for delivery outside the United States, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Charges for duties, taxes and the carrier's collection fee are in addition to your shipping charge and must be borne by you.

We are excited to move forward something completely new during our presales. Should we not receive sufficient sales during any presales rounds we may not be able to move forward your purchase at that time. If that is the case we will issue you a refund.

People & Planet

Our Materials: Our designs are made to stand the test of time, as are our incredibly comfortable materials! Our inaugural collection is made out of 100% organic Indian cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which also includes key labor rights standards for all processors and manufacturers. Our fabric is in the process of being recertified as fair trade. Our outer fabric is made in a tightly woven twill weave  without any synthetic materials and our liner is a high thread count, incredibly soft cotton cambric. Our dyeing process includes low-impact azo-free and heavy metal-free dyes which are better for our health and our planet. We also work with our production studio to have zero waste from our production, turning leftover materials into additional items for our collections or donating them to The Mehera Shaw Foundation Trust, a micro-enterprise training program for women making upcycled accessories from post-production scrap fabric.

Our Production Studio: We are proud to partner with Mehera Shaw, an artisanal, eco-conscious, fair trade manufacturer in Jaipur, India. Mehera Shaw’s skillful artisans dye our fabric and also block print our liners by hand using centuries-old techniques that preserve craft heritage and support decentralized village production methods in rural India. Mehera Shaw is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Craftmark. They also support the Mehera Shaw Foundation Trust, whose products include a micro-enterprise skills training program for women that promotes environmental consciousness through upcycling. Mehera Shaw upholds the following values in all of their work:

- All staff are full-time salaried employees who are paid on time, paid a living wage, receive annual bonuses, and can receive emergency loans for education, illness, and family concerns.

- Staff work in clean and safe conditions with regular lunch and tea breaks and clean drinking water, do not work excessive overtime, and receive pension funds.

- Staff work in a transparent team environment with support for additional skills training.

- There is no discrimination or harassment, forced labor, forced overtime, excessive working hours, or child labor.

Our Supply Chain: We aim to have as short and transparent a supply chain as possible. Sustainability is in our DNA and we aim to constantly make improvements in our environmental footprint and social impact. Our inaugural collection is made entirely in India, with careful attention given to a vertical, short, and geographically close supply chain for a lower carbon footprint. Our fabrics hail from the capital city of New Delhi and our fabric dyeing and manufacturing takes place just 150 miles away in Jaipur, the “pink city” famous for its artisanal craft techniques. We seek carbon offsets whenever possible for our shipping. We also use minimal packaging out of recycled materials when we ship our collection to you!

If you have ideas on how we can improve please reach out, we love new ideas!