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Our Partners

Our Global Artisan Collection

Our Global Artisan Collection is created by Mehera Shaw, an artisanal, eco-conscious, fair trade manufacturer in Jaipur, India. Mehera Shaw’s skillful artisans dye our organic cotton fabric and block print our liners by hand using centuries-old techniques that preserve craft heritage and support decentralized village production methods in rural India.

All staff are full-time salaried employees who are paid on time, paid a living wage, receive annual bonuses, and can receive emergency loans for education, illness, and family concerns. Staff work in clean and safe conditions with regular lunch and tea breaks and clean drinking water, do not work excessive overtime, and receive pension funds. Staff work in a transparent team environment with support for additional skills training. There is no discrimination or harassment, forced labor, forced overtime, excessive working hours, or child labor.

Mehera Shaw is embarking on a new project to improve their environmental impact through improving water filtration, which would enable them to receive certification by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for their factory. Ninety five percent of their textiles, and all of those they use for Maven Women, already have this high level certification.

Mehera Shaw supports the Meher Road Foundation, whose products include a micro-enterprise skills training program for women that promotes environmental consciousness through upcycling. Any leftover materials from our production are donated to this Foundation.

Mehera Shaw is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Craft Mark.

Our founder Rebecca trying her hand at block printing during a visit to Mehera Shaw's printing and dyeing facility. 

Traditional artisan block printing at Mehera Shaw.

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Our American Eco-Innovation Collection

We are excited to inaugurate new products in partnership with Wallace James, a Portland, Maine-based women-owned company. They manufacture garments in their own factory in small batches, which amplifies product quality and cuts down on waste.

Stay tuned for more details on this developing partnership, including a new program to combat fabric waste that we are piloting with Regenerous Designs!

Our Team

It takes a village! We are grateful to the many values-aligned people and companies who are part of the Maven Women journey.

Emérito Amaro, Makeup Artist

Elisha Chan, Ethical Logistics & Fulfillment Coordinator

Rachel Ford, Sustainable Fashion (Role) Model

Caroline Henne, Operations Coordinator

Wallace James and Stitch Method, Product Development Consultants

Kerrin Kampa, Brand Stylist

Maya Page, Web Developer

Verena Radulovic, Photographer

Sica Schmitz, Ethical (Life) Style Consultant

Shelley Spencer, Graphic Designer

Kristine Steiner, Fashion Illustrator

RioSlum Studio, Branding and Media Experts

And you!