Collaboration and co-creation.

We are intentionally based in Washington, DC and highly engage women across ages and professions in our design process. Over 100 women have been intimately involved in developing our styles. We know the biggest frustrations of women with their day-to-evening pieces, why some women love pockets and others don't, and their favorite design details. This is not a static but ongoing process and we always welcome your feedback, as you'll see in our customer service.

Viewing clothing not in isolation but in integration with a woman's build.

Women aren't built like mannequins or hangers, and most women have different builds than runway models. Our founder's background in figure drawing and her bodily changes during pregnancy and post-partum heavily influence our design process. Yes, our designs look great on the runway, but they look even better on you.

A radically different fittings process.

Many conventional fashion brands fit clothing on one fit model over just a few fittings and then "grade" it up and down to make it fit different sizes. This is why you find so many pieces with too large or too small armholes, wonky torso and skirt lengths, odd puckering, and more. 

We use a double digit number of real women across ages and builds to finalize our fit- for example, we fit our first piece on over 30 women across an age span of 45 years before moving into production! We consider how bodies change over time and the natural weight fluctuations of women in our design process.

We don't follow industry conventions unless they are helpful. If a practice makes a better product we take it on. And if it doesn't we find a way to do things differently. For example, we use far more shaping and darting than the average fashion brand and will do another pattern for as small as a 3/4" difference. Yes, it's hard for us to do this as a new brand, but you can see the difference in our final products.

Our values. 

Our fit, quality, and aesthetic alone distinguishes us, however our beauty is not just on the surface.

Social impact is in our DNA and why we were founded. Our six core values are deeply interwoven into everything we do and drive every decision we make.