Meet Rebecca

It took three years and two babies to create the perfect dress. Learn more about one public interest lawyer's quest to create clothing that matched her values, vocation, and aesthetic.

Social Justice By Design

I entered law to pursue social justice. Working on human and labor rights issues around the globe enabled me to understand how complex and harmful the global garment industry can be, yet I had trouble finding clothing that fit my values, vocation, and aesthetic. I dreamed of something better.

I refused to believe the status quo has to be the future. When I voiced my desire for more socially conscious apparel options I found I was not alone. These conversations also shared another common theme: limited options for well-fitting, flattering, and stylish clothing. And Maven Women was born.

3 years later...

Seeing how clothing is made showed me why I have to take so many pieces to the tailor, as many brands cut corners in the fittings process. It took three years of hard work with fabric sourcing, design, fittings, testing, partnership building, and quality control to create a product that is thoughtful at every step. 

I was also pregnant or breastfeeding during the majority of this time, and body took on more shapes than I could count. We do so many fittings that my water even broke during one! I poured everything I've learned about the many shapes of women's bodies into our pieces. 

I am proud to introduce you to our meticulously crafted pieces.

Come journey with us and be part of the Maven movement!

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