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Give The Gift of Maven

A Maven Women dress makes an extra special gift for that person in your life! Feel free to send them an e-mail sharing this gift (sample text below) or download a special note card to share with them over the holidays. The notecard will print on one page with space to write a personal note above and below, and you can also cut the card and attach the two sides together for a beautiful little double-sided note.

Sample e-mail text: Happy holidays! You’re a special person in my life, so I wanted to get you an extra special gift. I’ve preordered a beautiful dress for you from Maven Women, a new company creating clothing that’s thoughtful about people and the planet at every step in the production process. All good things take time, and this purchase is an investment in a company moving the fashion industry toward a more sustainable and equitable future. This dress will arrive in the late Spring, just in time to wear in beautiful weather. I can’t wait to see how you look in it!