It took one decade...
...then three years and a baby... create the perfect dress.

Learn more about one public interest lawyer’s
quest to create clothing that matched her
values, vocation, and aesthetic.

Our Story
  • "This dress is fantastic- it actually fits my body, which is practically impossible to find (I'm pear shaped, and petite, clothing manufacturers generally don't believe I exist). Great quality fabric, beautiful lining and well made. I'll wear this one for years to come."
    - Joanie Brittingham

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  • "I got my dress and it is lovely, and even with my slightly odd shape (smaller on the top than the bottom), I don't need alterations. Just need to iron it. It's beautiful, and I'd also forgotten I'd ordered the lovely red color which is exactly what was missing from my wardrobe." - Kristina Lugo

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  • "I love the 'secret' lining and it fits perfectly! The classic design makes it an ideal 'lbd' that can be accessorized to your own individual style." - Amy Bond, Lucy & Jo

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  • "I love this dress! It fits so nicely and is really well made. Plus, as someone who tries to be a conscious consumer, I was very happy to know that my purchase supported a brand that values people and the planet. I can't wait to see whatever new styles Maven Women produces next -- definitely going to be a repeat customer :)" - Allie Gardner

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  • "This is my favorite dress I've ever owned, I cannot say enough good things about it!...I seriously felt the best I have ever felt in a dress. It's that good...I feel like Maven Women dresses let your personality shine through, and you wear the dress, not the other way around." - Kellie Hayden, Wholehearted Wardrobe

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Elevating day to evening attire.

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