Are you a Maven Woman?

We are a community of dedicated and discerning women who know that our work in this world is far bigger than what happens through our workplace. We strive to be the change we seek in the world and honor people and our planet in all that we do. We are real women with real bodies, aspirations, and challenges. We are the Maven Movement and we invite you to join us!

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What is the Mavement Movement?

Our Core Values

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is central to our work to remedy the exploitation that is all too common in the fashion industry. We can each vote with our wallets and play a role in turning exploitation into empowerment.

Natural Beauty

We only showcase our clothing on women who live our values. We consider whether our imagery depicts a healthy, realistic view of women. This also gives you the best sense around how our clothes will fit and flatter you.

Supply Chain Awareness

We evaluate each step in our supply chain around its impact on people and our planet. We seek partners who share our commitments to caring for people and planet. Learn more about our supply chain and partners.

Women's Empowerment

Most people who buy and who make clothes are women. Yet fashion has often disregarded women's rights, safety, value, and voice. We only work with partners who share our commitment to supporting women.

Connectivity & Education

Ethical and sustainable fashion is growing and we want to propel the momentum. We seek opportunities to share knowledge with members of our community and partner with others who share our vision.